IAB: Mobile, Video Drive Ad Spend

IAB Australia is out with its new “Online Advertising Expenditure Report.”

Published Monday, the report shows a staggering 220% spike in mobile advertising, which amounts to an expenditure of $86.2 million. Particularly noteworthy is the 30% climb for video, which reached an equally impressive $90.3 million.

Mobile’s growth has been reminiscent of the early days of online advertising, but should “start to slow.” That’s what Gai Le Roy, Director of Research for IAB Australia, says in coverage today from Australia’s Marketing Magazine.

“The inexorable rise of mobile, video and search is showing little sign of abating and we are delighted that the online industry is continuing to beat all reported market predictions about lower growth rates,” Le Roy contends. “While mobile is currently experiencing a surge, we expect it will settle into strong and sustained growth rates, just as general online advertising expenditure did in 2000 after an extraordinary period of growth.”

Growth for display and classifieds ads has slowed, the report also shows, falling to 10% and 9% respectively. Search and directories, however, which grew 27% year on year, is still the largest contributor to ad spend (54%).