IAB Introduces Digital Data Solutions Certification Program

IAB Introduces Digital Data Solutions Certification ProgramDoes every data professional know what he’s doing?

Probably not. That’s why the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has just announced an “IAB Digital Data Solutions Certification Program.” Experian Marketing Services, a recognized leader in data analytics and marketing technology, was the first company to sign up for certification of its professional staff.

The IAB certification program seeks to verify that digital media and marketing professionals are proficient in data management. More than ever, it is “a critical area of expertise as the industry increases its dependence upon data-driven marketing techniques such as programmatic buying and selling.”

It could also help ameliorate a current shortage of digital industry executives who have up-to-date skills in the latest digital data solutions.

“The goal of the certification program is that all members of the digital advertising ecosystem—marketers, agencies, publishers, and vendors—will have the expertise needed to make interactive advertising more efficient,” according to the IAB.

“Experian has been helping companies to adopt efficient and responsible data management practices for decades but with the complexity and scale of the information available today, advertisers need clarity and assurances just as much as they need data experts,” said Jay Stocki, Vice President of Digital Services at Experian Marketing Services.

The new certification program is an acknowledgment of the growing importance of data.

“Data convergence is one of the most important changes in marketing and advertising since the digital revolution,” said Patrick Dolan, Executive Vice President and COO at IAB. “This IAB program will address the change in skills required to operate in this new digital media environment.”

The test costs $500 for IAB members and $750 for non-members. Candidates interested in applying to take the Digital Data Solutions Certification exam may do so online. The first examination is set for June 1 with later exams slated for September and December 2015.

To learn more about the exam process or register, click here.