IAB Finds That Mobile Videos Are Hottest at Home

On Thursday, the Interactive Advertising Bureau and its Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence released “The IAB Mobile Phone Video Diaries.”

Based on the research conducted and presented by the IAB, 63 percent of digital video screening on mobile phones isn’t necessarily mobile. As it turns out, all of these videos are being watched at home.

Interestingly enough, 36% of these home-based digital video activities happen in a room where a second screen – a TV, desktop computer or tablet – is also available.

These findings combine to point to significant cross-media opportunities for brand marketers, whether tying mobile digital video to live television programming or linking magazine ads to relevant mobile clips.

The research also unveiled that a staggering 92% of viewers share mobile video they have watched on their phone with others.

“With mobile videos being ranked third on the list of high-time-spent (one hour or more weekly) activities conducted on mobile phones, behind playing games and social media, the propensity for sharing video provides a strong vehicle for taking video ads along for the viral ride,” the IAB reports.

To check out the study in full, click here.