I Have 5 Xobni Invites

Leave a comment of you want one. Website: xobni Update: I’m all out now. New Update: I have 1 more! Update: I have 5 more. 3 are taken for BZ, Venu and MarkN. Update 2/11/2008: 5 more xobni invites appeared this morning, so I’ve sent...

2995 60
2995 60

Leave a comment of you want one.

Website: xobni

Update: I’m all out now.

New Update: I have 1 more!

Update: I have 5 more. 3 are taken for BZ, Venu and MarkN.

Update 2/11/2008: 5 more xobni invites appeared this morning, so I’ve sent them out to folks on my list. Enjoy!

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  1. todd

    I would love an xobni invite if you have any more.

    Thanks, Todd

  2. Tal Ziv

    one more inbox backwards?

  3. Joe

    I have been searching for one of these for a while now. I would love o have an invite to xobni. Thanks in advance.

  4. Sander

    If possible I would like to get an invite to Xobni.

  5. Bob Collie

    I’d love an invite if you can!

  6. Mark Hamilton

    Thanks Michael.
    I emailed you at the email on your website.

  7. Michael

    Hey Mark:
    I have 3 invites.. how can I send one to you?

  8. Mark Hamilton

    Hello, I would love an invite too, please.
    Thank you!!

  9. Bhavin

    Hi Victor,
    I would love a Xobni invite if any comes your way.
    Thank you,

  10. Greg Laabs

    Hello, I would love a Xobni invite if you still have any available!

    Thanks in advance.

  11. knowelus

    Hi. I’m looking for an invite. Can you please send me one? If it’s still available. Thanks

  12. Amit

    Hey Victor,

    can I please get an invite? this is my second request :)) Thanks for informing me via email.. you re great!

  13. victor

    Email me if you’re OK with me sharing your email with SMW AND you still need an Xobni invite.

  14. SMW

    Victor, I appreciate the invite, and have 5 to offer. If you forward me the email addresses I would be glad to make the invites.

  15. amit

    no worries. Thanks for prompt reply!

  16. victor

    I’m all out amit

  17. amit

    Hello victor,

    Can you please send me Xobni invite if available? I am desperately looking for it.. Thank you in advance for your help!

  18. Vincent's Tip's & Trick's

    I’m interested too



    The World of Office, XP and Vista Tips and Tricks.

  19. Vincent

    I have Outlook 2007 and would definitely love one of the invites.

  20. Zoibberg

    Would be grat having an Xobni invite. Thanks in advance. My mail is Zoibberg at gmail dot com in case you need contacting me.

  21. Pat Callahan

    I would love to get an invite if you have another one…

  22. Friedbeef

    One please 🙂

  23. Ken

    Ooh, if there are any left I’d love one! Thanks.

  24. Derrick

    …want one if there are any left. Thanks.

  25. victor

    MurieIV, I can send you one on Monday from another computer. I’m all out on my computer.

  26. MurielV

    I’d absolutely love one if you have any left.

    – MV –

  27. victor

    Your invite is on the way SMW…

  28. SMW

    If you still have an invite I could use it. Thanks .

  29. MarkN

    Do you have another? 😉

  30. Venu

    Saw the latest update, let me be the lukcy one to get the one invite you are left with.

  31. BZ

    victor, if you still have one left I would greatly appreciate it. Thx

    bczengel at gmail dot com

  32. JohnD

    Got it! Thanks Victor!

  33. victor

    Ah ha! Xobni, gave me 2 more. JohnD, I sent you your invite.


  34. victor

    John, I’m fresh out sorry. Post a comment on Annes blog, she has a few. See the link right above this comment.

  35. Anne Toal

    Thanks Victor! You’re very kind. I posted a thank-you note in my blog: http://edinburgstyle.blogspot.com/2008/01/i-got-my-xobni-invite.html

  36. JohnD

    I desperate need of a Xobni invite… If you have any let that would be great! Cheers!

  37. victor

    Michael and Anne I sent you invites. Paul, I’m all out on this computer but I have a couple left on a computer in my office. I’ll send you one from there in about 2 hours.

  38. Michael

    umm. please say yes you made the top five and here is your invite.. pretty please….

  39. Anne

    I’d like one if you still have any. Thanks!


  40. Paul

    Any left? Would love one. Thanks.

  41. Enzo

    Victor you rock! This thing is brilliant.

  42. victor

    Ganesh, Filzer and Enzo… they’re on the way to you all.

  43. Enzo

    I’d desperately like an invite please.

  44. Filzer

    I am badly in need of this. Hope I am not late. Thanks if i made it to the top five !


  45. Ganesh Kulkarni

    Can you send me an Invite?
    Thanx in advance.

  46. James D Kirk

    Argh, check that.

    Failed to catch that you need to be using Outlook. Save it for a more deserving sort!

  47. James D Kirk

    Seems like something interesting to check out. Thanks if you have any left!

  48. victor

    I’ve got it running in

    – Vista using Office 2007
    – Windows Server 2003 R2 using Office 2003

    So far no hiccups at all, I’m really impressed with the indexing speed and the files exchanged feature, that is awesome!

  49. victor

    i hooked u up Constantine

  50. Constantine

    i believe i made it to get the invite 😉

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