Hypori Shows Off Virtual Mobile Infrastructure at MWC 2015

Hypori Shows Off Virtual Mobile Infrastructure at MWC 2015Hypori has arrived in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress 2015 to show off its Android Cloud Environment (ACE) virtual mobile infrastructure platform.

The company’s ACE platform (which, incidentally, was co-developed with the U.S. Department of Defense) shields enterprises “from the risks of BYOD by separating the physical mobile device from applications and data of concern.”

Hypori is showing off the platform while hosting a VIP demo cloud environment for “select users” to utilize the ACE platform at Mobile World Congress.

“Organizations of all sizes and in all sectors understand the potential benefits of BYOD, but security, compliance and privacy continue to be a major concern,” said Justin Marston, CEO of Hypori.

“The Hypori ACE platform was developed to shield enterprises from the risks of BYOD by eliminating data at-rest, and the inherent conflict between personal and business personas,” Marston adds. “With our new ACE platform we are ushering in the world of BYOD 3.0 that protects enterprises while still delivering a rich, responsive end-user experience.”