Human Demand Aims to ‘Change Mobile App Marketing’

On Thursday, Human Demand – a fast growing mobile ad technology company – announced a new app re-engagement platform that the company says will help developers of all sizes retain the users they have previously acquired through mobile re-engagement and retargeting.

According to details contained in a formal announcement shared with MMW this morning, Human Demand has demonstrated engagement rates 300% higher versus traditional untargeted campaigns with its app partners.

In the past, developers’ main focus has been quantity of users rather than the overall quality users in their marketing and user acquisition. On the desktop web, re-targeting of ads based on a user’s past activity is very common and commands a large percentage of digital spend, by focusing on 3rd party ‘cookies’. On mobile re-targeting is not as common, as there are no ‘cookies’ in-app. Human Demand is announcing this new feature at scale by bidding across 10+ exchanges without any ‘cookies’.

“It’s an exciting time in the app market for those who understand the true value in focusing on LTV (life time value) and figuring out how to keep users engaged for the long haul,” explains Howie Schwartz, CEO of Human Demand. “Even Apple is taking a hard stance against incentivized installs and modifying the iTunes Charts to reflect this way of thinking – one of quality vs. just quantity.”

The company said today that app developers running ads in iOS and Android, including tablets, can re-engage any and all of their previous app installs including their highest valued users with Human Demand’s new platform.

To learn more or to check out the platform for yourself, click here.