Hulu CEO Jason Kilar Stuns with Unexpected Resignation

Without providing anything remotely close to an explanation, Jason Kilar, a former Amazon executive who rose to prominence as Hulu CEO, has announced his startling resignation from the company.

Kilar broke the news to his colleagues today in an all-hands staff meeting via video conference. He subsequently confirmed the news to the masses in a blog post on Hulu’s website.

“We have grown from a few hundred thousand in revenue in 2007 to generating almost $700 million in revenue in 2012 alone,” Kilar said, reflecting on Hulu’s many achievements. “We have created a video subscription service that is growing unusually fast, adding over 200K new subscribers in the past 7 days alone (a new record). We have proudly generated over $1 Billion for our content partners since we excitedly entered private beta in October 2007.”

Kilar’s formal departure will take place sometime during the first quarter of this year.

Tonight, as the digital media world struggles to figure out why Kilar is bailing on Hulu, there is little if any indication as to what Kilar will do next, or who may replace him this spring.