HubCiti Rolls Out Mobile Acceleration Promotion

Because Consumers Wants Alerts on Mobile, Vibes Launches Transactional Mobile MessagingHubCiti, a mobile revenue platform and app, today announced the launch of the HubCiti Mobile Acceleration promotion for local newspaper and other “specialty publications.”

The promotion, a provided statement explains, is designed to help publishers quickly and easily implement newer, more advanced mobile applications with at greatly reduced rates.

The promotion begins immediately and runs through the end of June 2016.

Traditionally, the best apps are personalized, provide distinct content, and lead to habitual daily usage – ultimately leading to greater customer engagement and increased revenue.  Unfortunately, many local and specialized publications cannot afford the initial implementation costs to develop these mobile apps. HubCiti’s new promotion will help these publications break through the cost barrier and implement advanced mobile apps immediately.

“Generating real revenue from mobile has been a major topic of concern in the industry.  HubCiti is now taking that concern off the table,” stated Roy Truitt, CEO of HubCiti.  “By combining with a mobile optimized website, publications can not only leverage their reach, but can also turn unique visitors (commonly called ‘one and done’) into engaged users through the mobile app.”

Media organizations interested in the Mobile Acceleration promotion are encouraged to learn more by calling the company’s Austin office at 844-254-9663 x700.