HTML5 Among Top Mobile Technologies to Watch

HTML5 Among Top Mobile Technologies to WatchAccording to a new report from Gartner, organizations wishing to unlock the full potential of mobility must master a wide range of technologies and skills, many of which are unfamiliar to IT staff.

Nick Jones, vice president and analyst at Gartner, recently outlined his picks for the top 10 mobile technologies and capabilities that organizations must master in 2015 and 2016.

Earning a well-deserved spot on the list is HTML5.

HTML5 won’t be a simple panacea for mobile application portability because it’s fragmented and immature and therefore poses many implementation and security risks. However, as HTML5 and its development tools mature, the popularity of the mobile Web and hybrid applications will increase. Hence, despite many challenges, HTML5 will be an essential technology for organizations delivering applications across multiple platforms.

Correspondingly, advanced mobile user experience design is another tech must to master.

“Leading mobile apps are delivering exceptional user experiences, which are achieved by a variety of new techniques and methodologies, such as motivational design, ‘quiet’ design and ‘playful’ interfaces,” Jones explains. “Designers are also creating apps that can accommodate mobile challenges, such as partial user attention and interruption, or that can exploit technologies with novel features or “wow” factors, such as augmented reality. Leading consumer apps are setting high standards for user interface design, and all organizations must master new skills and work with new partners to meet growing user expectations.”