HTC’s Vive Team Teases New App Store for VR

Viveport_VRPC.0Although the announcement went quietly under the radar of most media outlets late last week, at VRLA on Friday the team at Vive announced a forthcoming VR app store called VIVEPORT.

“The Vive branded storefront is being touted as the ultimate destination for VR content and experiences,” VRJournal confirms in a new report.

Viveport will be available to customers globally this fall, although a developer beta is expected sooner.

Building on the fast growth and success of great VR games, Viveport features immersive experiences across additional categories and introduces an update to Vive Home, a personal and customizable virtual environment. Viveport will soon invite both the creator community and customers to discover, create, connect, watch, and shop for the things they love and need in life.

“Our mission is to unleash human imagination from the limitations of reality, and Viveport will be an important cornerstone in democratizing access to the world’s most diverse selection of immersive experiences,” says Cher Wang, CEO of HTC.

To learn more about the forthcoming app store, click here.