HTC Not Backing Down from Apple

HTC is undeterred in the wake of Samsung’s staggering legal defeat at the hands of Apple last week.

On Friday, Apple was awarded better than $1 billion in damages in response to Samsung’s alleged violation of Apple’s intellectual property and various patents.

In addition to the prospect of Apple’s payday increasing further, the iPhone maker is also pursuing a ban on all sales of multiple Samsung-made Android devices.

All told, it’s a huge loss for Samsung. But HTC isn’t fearing a similar fate.

According to a report published in Digitimes on Wednesday, Cher Wang, chairperson of HTC, says HTC does not have any intentions to settle despite the intimidating loss Samsung recently suffered.

Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android have been fighting a patent war. HTC’s patent lawsuits with Apple have been a center of attention as well. Wang noted that HTC has great skills in innovation and has the confidence to face legal lawsuits with Apple.

Samsung’s loss, Wang tells Digitimes, does not mean “the failure of the entire Google Android ecosystem.”

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