Howler Launches Mobile Marketing App

Howler Launches Mobile Marketing AppHowler, a Boston-based mobile marketing startup, tells MMW that they’ve just launch their eagerly anticipated app in support of some 200 participating shops and restaurants.

According to a provided statement from the firm, yesterday’s release represents a major milestone for the bootstrapped startup.

After a successful seed round and beta test period, the one year-old startup has experienced significant growth.

“This growth has also been fueled by the slow demise of deal delivery services Groupon and LivingSocial, who have both experienced diminishing profits and increasing skepticism from mom and pop retailers, restaurants and service providers,” the firm says.
So how does it work?

Using Apple’s iBeacon technology, the Howler app uniquely connects businesses to potential consumers based on the mobile user’s shopping and dining preferences in a convenient and non-intrusive fashion—all while conserving battery life thanks to Bluetooth (BTLE) technology.

Designed to “challenge traditional deal delivery services,” Howler brings deals to the consumer through geolocation rather than leaving the consumer to search for and then travel to the discounted meal, service or product. “This represents an effortless shopping experience compared to industry rivals,” the company explains.

“Howler does more than enable businesses to engage their customers,” asserts co-founder Hunter Gaylor. “Instead, we’re helping them start conversations with customers, and allowing people to discover their city in a way that was never before possible.”