How to Choose an SMS Vendor

Even though fancy mobile ad campaigns are popping up left and right, nothing is more tried-and-true than the basic SMS (short message service) mobile marketing campaign. SMS marketing is a simple, cost-effective method of managing brand equity and marketing communications. But how do you choose an SMS vendor for your campaign?

MobileStorm, a mobile marketing company with 10 years of experience under its belt, set out to answer this question in it’s October 2009 White Paper titled: “How to Choose an SMS Vendor,” including a 30-Point SMS Vendor Selection Checklist that aids in figuring this out. The paper focuses on three key areas — expert advice, technology & product features, and the account management & customer service.

The report notes that when choosing an SMS vendor, you should look for:

– Tech Gurus Who Get Service: look for a company that is offering SMS services. A company built on services, versus technology, is more likely to understand your marketing needs.
– Best Practices: Make sure the company running the campaign is well aware of best practices and has a way to remove people from your database. The last thing you want is to come off as spam when sending out legit mobile marketing messages to promote your product.
– A Pilot Partner: Find a company willing to work with you on a sustainable, long-term relationship. Prove that a model works before implementing a strategy.
– A Short Code Manager: You want to find a SMS vendor that will help you find, acquire, and manage your short code needs.