How Monetizing Your Blog Can Earn You A 60% Revenue Share On Mobile Ads

FeedM8 Logo FeedM8 (pronounced feed-mate) has a blog to mobile monetization service that can take your rss feed, mobilize it, blend in some ads and then expose it to the mobile user community where you’ll collect cash per click.

You the Blogger receive the majority share of the ad revenue generated too! It’s a 60/40 split according to their site. Sixty percent is a big deal and could even be disruptive for others in this space if you ask me. Go try and find someone running Google Ads that’s getting 60%, I don’t think you’ll find them.

Here’s their model from a content publisher perspective:
FeedM8 Mobilize and Monetization Strategy

Why should you consider FeedM8? Ivan Yuen from FeedM8 makes it crystal clear really…

What we have seen is that the CTR is at least 5x higher than that of web advertising while CPC is roughly the same. So bloggers do not even need to generate similar traffic in order to earn a similar amount.

I asked Ivan how they came up with the name FeedM8. Cleverly, it fits right in with the pop culture texting crowd when trying to type a url on a mobile device.

How are people finding FeedM8? Bloggers, that’s how. Smart move if you ask me, that strategy alone gives FeedM8 a chance to go viral long before any ad dollars might need to kick in. They’re confident that they’ll land a few thousand Bloggers by the end of the year.

I’m going to check in with Ivan tomorrow and get some details on their advertising program.