How Many Americans Are Comfortable Making Mobile Purchases?

Innovation in smartphone technology has moved mobile commerce past its status as “the next big thing” to a tangible reality in 2013 for many companies.

On Wednesday, Intela – a global provider of database marketing services – released a new report focused on consumer mCommerce preferences and behaviors. Some of the information gleaned from Intela’s new research points to the rate of mobile payment adoption by U.S. consumers.

Almost one in two Americans (44 percent) and 40 percent of British consumers are now more likely to make a purchase over their mobile device compared to a year ago.

Other highlights from the “Intela Mobile Consumer Report 2013” include:

  • Email optimized for mobile is the key trigger for brands to prompt smartphone owners to make a purchase on their mobile phones, with one in three (36 percent) Americans finding this most effective.
  • Four percent of U.S. consumers are willing to spend over $1,000 in purchases on their mobile devices.
  • One in two Americans will purchase retail goods over their mobile device than any other product.

“Waves of innovation in smartphone technology has meant mobile commerce is finally becoming a tangible reality for consumer facing businesses,” says Guénolé Le Gall, Head of Mobile at Intela. “In line with this, we can expect the mobile channel to be the subject of increased performance for advertisers and marketers. As people get more dependent on their devices, mobile commerce’s prominence will grow – just as E-commerce did as online technologies improved.”