How Did Camera360 Achieve Over 10X Revenue Growth?

“Passing Love with Images” — this cool and warm slogan (Originally in Chinese) belongs to Camera360, a very popular imaging app.

Over 700 million users across the world use Camera360 to generation over 200 million photos each day, or over 2400 photos each second. It makes Camera360 one of the most popular mobile apps in the world.

Launched in 2010, Camera360 started globalization in 2012 and now has over 450 million overseas users mainly in APAC, six countries in Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea. In Thailand, with a population of 65 million, Camera360’s installs exceeded 60 million.


Camera360 only started exploring traffic monetization in 2015 and the results are amazing within one year: 10X monetization from the very beginning to now.

Secrets behind Camera360’s Monetization 

  1. Native Feeds Ad

How to address the “over consideration” on user experiences? It has to be native ads, the company says.

Scrolling down the home page of Camera360, you will see the native feeds ad:



Feed ads integrate with apps for lower interference to enable high retention rate in non-incentive ways, and improve user engagement and experiences through customized design.

2.Native Splash


Check out Bestie’s — a sister product of Camera360 — native splash ad. You can tell that most in-app mobile game ads target female users since Bestie itself addresses a female’s selfie demands.

As the exclusive monetization partner of Camera360, Mobvista has nearly 3TB of data, including the data from GameAnalytics and NativeX, to ensure sufficient analysis on user profile, automate and optimize workflow with smart dynamic algorithms.

3 Native App Wall


One can click the changing icon in the top right corner of Camera360’s homepage to enter the App Wall. This icon is customizable to better guide users to the App Wall page, where you can see three categories of non-incentive recommendation lists: Selected, Games and Utility for users to download their favorite apps autonomously.

With full autonomy, users will not be disturbed, ensuring higher conversion rate and eCPM.

Mistakes Camera360 Made:

Experiences from Trial-and-Error in Monetization

  • Over consideration of product experience

With concerns like package size at the beginning of monetization, Camera360 didn’t connect to SDK, but chose APIs for ads. It took much time and labor to adjust ad logic, resulting in a slow growth rate in monetization efficiency.

  • Didn’t use mediation timely

Connecting to a single platform at the beginning, Camera360 couldn’t ensure fill rate and optimal algorithm. After using mediation system and connecting to multiple platforms, the fill rate increased dramatically and the algorithm was maximized.

  • Non-compliant ad sizes

The first ad version of Camera360 used diamond ad spot, which is not complaint with mainstream ad sizes in ad platforms like Facebook, causing lower ad scores. After adjusting ads based on mainstream ad specifications, its ad scores increased dramatically.

Decision after Camera360’s Trial-and-Error

Camera360 started cooperation with Mobvista in 2015 and achieved 10X revenue growth after connecting to the Mintegral system, Mobvista’s native + video ad mediation platform, which provides high-performance online ad services to rapidly respond to massive ad requests, ensuring a higher conversion rate for Camera360.

To learn more about Mobvista, check out the company here.