How Can Your App Reach The Top of The Apple App Store?

How can you reach the top of the Apple App Store? Simple answer: generate at least 23,000 free app downloads a day. That’s according to a new report from Distimo.

Extracting data directly from Distimo AppIQ, the firm revealed Friday that an app needed 23K free downloads per day on average to reach rank 50 of the top free charts in May 2013 in the Apple App Store for iPhone in the United States.

For paid apps, the average number of downloads needed for this position was about 25 times lower at 950 downloads. An app needs to generate a daily revenue of $12K in order to reach rank 50 of the grossing charts.

If you’re gunning for a top 10 spot in the Apple App Store (for free apps), you’ll need to drive at least 72,000 app downloads a day.

To make the top ten on paid apps, on the other hand, you’ll need only about 4,000 downloads.

However, Distimo notes, the number of downloads needed to reach the top of any category can change day to day.

“Compared to the downloads required for rank 10 in the top overall free on an average Monday in May 2013, only 94 percent of these downloads were required on Thursdays for this position in the Apple App Store for iPhone in the U.S.,” the company says. “In order to obtain this position on a Sunday, an app needed 11 percent more downloads than on the average Monday.”

To read the full Distimo report, click here.