How Can Valentine’s Day Show Some Love to Mobile Marketing?

According to the results of a telling new study, 1 in 3 Americans admit they will send a Valentine’s message via e-card.

This week, SOASTA announced the findings of its 2013 Valentine’s Day e-Card Survey. Conducted online by Harris Interactive in late January, the SOASTA study determined 38% of Americans plan on sending an e-Card for Valentine’s Day this year.

Using e-cards for this year Valentine’s Day was most popular with men 35 to 44 (47%) followed by men 18 to 34 (41%) and women 18 to 34 (41%), the survey results showed.

“On Valentine’s Day, millions of Americans turn to Hallmark to express themselves,” said Cheryl Davis, Hallmark Digital Technical Operations Manager. “We depend on SOASTA to make sure our web site is ready to handle the heavy traffic so that everyone can make sure their loved ones know they were thought of on this special day.”

Loved ones aside, consumers should also know they are thought of on Valentine’s Day. As a result, no shortage of companies are using Valentine’s Day-related messages and opportunities to boost business this month.

According to Joy Gendusa, CEO PostcardMania, there are several things marketers can do immediately to tap into the marketing potential of Valentine’s Day:

First, start early to “edge Out the competition.”

“Valentine’s Day is a big holiday for florists and jewelers,” says Gendusa. “The key to breaking through the noise is to start early. Prospects are going to pay more attention to the first wave of postcards as opposed to the third or fourth valentine’s postcard they have received”.

Another tip is to get creative with offers to entice prospects.

“Although Valentine’s Day is thought to be dominated by chocolates, jewelry, and flowers, there are always ways for other industries to get results if you get creative with your offers,” Gendusa adds. “For example, landscaping isn’t something you would think of off the top of your head as a Valentine’s Day gift, but you can market it creatively. Why not offer a discount on the first month of landscaping service, and present it as a thoughtful gift for a husband who spends time on his weekend mowing the lawn or trimming the trees? Get creative and you too can take advantage of the holiday.”

To pick up more helpful tips from Gendusa, check out her webpage here.