How Batman Influenced The Modern Mobile Age

Forget Steve Jobs. Bruce Wayne may have done more for mobile technologies than anyone in Silicon Valley.

“Batman may be fictional,” says software engineer Brian Spellman of Indiana-based IGTech, “but the character’s mobile tech savvy as expressed mostly through the Christopher Nolan trilogy may have inspired today’s mobile hardware and software designers more than we – or even they – realize.”

From the growing fusion of mobile tech with our automobiles, to the sleek black look of our touchscreen handheld devices, there is no shortage of hot mobile gadgets and developments in the market today that could have easily been found in the Batmobile a few years ago.

“If you look at the earlier Batman films, there were GPS references on mobile gadgets and in the fleet of Caped Crusader vehicles that were ahead of their time,” Spellman explains. “Hollywood has always influenced real life. This is no different.”

In the big picture, however, Batman’s arsenal of technology is still out of reach for the ordinary citizen of Gotham. In fact, the folks at MoneySupermarket recently published an infographic exploring what it costs to acquire all of Batman’s mobile toys and crime-fighting resources (check it out below).

So… do you think Batman has influenced mobile technology in any meaningful way? Please weigh in with a thought or comment below.