How Are Brands Preparing for the Holiday Season?

strategyWith summer at an end and the holiday season just a few months away, new research from Experian Marketing Services pinpoints five strategies that brands should consider incorporating into their holiday marketing campaigns to help boost program performance.

According to the Q2 2016 Email Benchmark Report, marketers should consider the quality of subscriber data obtained during acquisition, social media, creative content, email personalization and retention strategy.

“While the holidays may seem far away, now is the perfect time for marketers to begin preparing for this all-important season,” said Spencer Kollas, vice president of global deliverability for Experian Marketing Services. “By leveraging data from last year’s campaigns, as well as current market trends, brands can create more effective holiday marketing campaigns that increase engagement and improve the customer experience.”

“Nowadays there is an expectation among consumers that brands create personalized mailings that communicate relevant messages,” added Kollas. “While personalizing emails with a first name can be effective, marketers also should consider populating communications with more granular data points, such as purchase or browse behavior. When personalization is done correctly, marketers can create an improved customer journey.”

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