Hot Mobile Rumor Says iOS 6 May Leave Original iPad in The Cold

On Monday, Apple is expected to unveil the 6th generation of its mobile operating system at the kickoff to WWDC. But iOS 6 may not be for all to enjoy. In fact, those with a first-generation iPad may be left in the cold.

According to reports bubbling to the surface in recent hours, iOS 6 may not be compatible with the first iPad released just two years ago.

iOS 6 beta will likely be released to developers this week, but sources close to the matter say the second and third generation iPads are the only compatible tablets with the refreshed operating system.

Meanwhile, iOS 6 is expected to work with the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and, naturally, the most recent iPhone 4S.

For the time being, it should be noted that these reports of iOS 6 not working with the first-generation iPad are, in fact, still unconfirmed rumors.

But there’s an excellent possibility that we will know the whole story before the day is done. And Mobile Marketing Watch will keep you up to date as WWDC gets under way later this morning.