Homebuilders Feeling At Home With Mobile Marketing

Although homebuilders have traditionally – or stereotypically – been recognized to be slow to embrace new technologies, many builders are welcoming mobile marketing with open arms and dabbling with its pressing potential.

The American Chronicle reported earlier this week that the number of homebuilders utilizing mobile marketing is on the rise domestically. Why? According to columnist Dennis O’Neil, the mobile web is emerging through various applications as a veritable Myspace for builders, buyers, and sellers alike.

In this atrocious economy, every little bit helps. In fact, there is now a free iPhone application that searches and maps available homes on the market. It’s a bit limited, of course, but it’s the first of its kind and it is certainly a step in the right direction.

“I donĀ“t expect mobile marketing would have the best penetration for an active adult market,” says O’Neil. “But if you’re selling an urban project to young professionals, you’d be crazy not to have some mobile initiative.”