Home Depot Dumps BlackBerry for iPhone

Shares of BlackBerry have taken a tumble on news of Home Depot’s decision to dump the smartphone as its corporate mobile device in favor if Apple’s iPhone.

According to Business Insider, Home Depot has begun “replacing some 10,000 BlackBerry smartphones used by store managers and corporate employees with iPhones.”

Earlier this year, BlackBerry’s stock rose 39 percent following optimism of the company’s new BlackBerry 10 operating system. But despite mostly positive reviews for its new flagship phone, BlackBerry stock fell after it introduced the new operating system and two new smartphones.

As MMW reported February 7th, it looks like the honeymoon may be over for “BlackBerry’s comeback.” It all started in early February when BlackBerry was forced to concede that U.S. shoppers wanting a BlackBerry Q10 may be forced to wait until June to get the device.

“Carrier testing” was blamed.

Then, just one day removed from the bad news about device delays, word came from across the other side of the globe that Australia is also bidding farewell to BlackBerry inside of a key governmental department. The Australian Department of Treasury its ditching its fleet of BlackBerry mobile phones in favor of the iPhone 5.

So for BlackBerry, Home Depot represents just another recent obstacle on the comeback trail.