“Historic Demand” For iPhone Flash Content Brings Down Skyfire Browser In Five Hours

Turns out Flash content is still top on the list of demands for iPhone users, as the newly minted Skyfire mobile browser — which just hit the Apple App Store this morning — has already been taken down after seeing “historic demand” and crippling loads to the company’s servers just five hours after launch.

The Skyfire 2.0 mobile browser allows iPhones to access Flash-based content by compressing video and transcoding it into an iOS-ready, HTML5 format.  The app, which sells for $2.99, was declared “sold out” after catapulting to the position of “Top Grossing App” in a matter of hours.

The company says it’s currently adding server capacity and will let everyone know via Twitter or Facebook when the app is once again available.  “Skyfire has historically generated high demand for its browser products but nothing like this,” states Skyfire CEO Jeffrey Glueck. “It was hard to predict consumer demand since this was our first paid app, but we were blown away by the demand and sales.”

While Flash on any iOS device is a welcomed improvement, it still surprises me how popular Skyfire is.  While it allows certain Flash-delivered video on iPhones, it still lacks the capability to view Hulu videos, for example, or run Flash-based games.  Overall, the Flash-offering is still very limited, but the app itself is lightening fast and easy to use.  I’ve long used Skyfire on Android, and will undoubtedly use it for iPhone as well — if and when I can actually access and download the app that is.