Hispanic Community Could Prove a Savior for Mobile Marketing

Yesderday after I weighed in on the speculated lack of advanced talent avilable in the mobile marketing industry, I came across an interesting article that connects this perceived small talent pool with mobile marketing’s growing focus on the Hispanic market.

For companies looking to take an aggressive lead in mobile advertising, hiring bilingual Spanish speakers on the marketing staff might not be a bad idea.

According to Venture Beat, “While money has already been following Hispanics online for a while, with Hispanic consumer spending expected to top $1 trillion by 2010, and use of mobile phones exploding within the Hispanic market, expect more and more mobile marketing targeted at Hispanics in the coming months.”

If the talent pool is really stuck in a rut and lacking new ideas for revitalization, the Hispanic community can help this problem significantly, especially with theƂ powerhouse number of smart young Hispanics who are technoogically savvy beyond the qualifications of many current top mobile marketers.

Indeed, If companies look to the Hispanic community for new mobile marketing genius, their benefit will be twofold. In other words, if you’re a bilingual Hispanic with an understanding of and interest in mobile marketing, you shouldn’t have trouble finding a good job in this industry.

A March 2008 Pew/Internet study found Hispanics leading in nearly every single category of mobile phone usage, in some cases by double digits: