Hipstamatic Drops Mobile Crew Amidst Major Overhaul

Hipstamatic cleaned house in epic fashion this week as word came to light that the popular camera app company has dumped all but five employees.

That means all the devs, engineers and designers are gone.

The Next Web says the layoffs come as the company tries to figure out “what to do with itself.”

According to what we’ve heard, the company ‘hasn’t been making enough money’, and is looking to retool to figure out how to start doing that again.

Hipstamatic did, in fact, confirm the overhaul and removal of talent in a public statement provided to the author of the report in question. The statement reads as follows:

We are restructuring the company, but business is moving forward as usual. We’re heads down focused on making beautiful, creative and fun products for our community and the world. We’ll definitely be excited to share what’s next when it’s time.

So what do you think is next for Hipstamatic? Please weigh in with a thought or comment below.