HipLogic Brings Smartphone-Interface & Real-Time Data To Mass-Market Feature Phones

HipLogic Brings Smartphone-Interface & Real-Time Data To Mass-Market Feature PhonesMobile startup HipLogic, who has the simple intention of bringing smartphone-like features to simple mass-market “feature phones,” recently debuted a new downloadable app that brings a smartphone-oriented interface combined with real-time information to Windows Mobile or Symbian-based devices, for free.

HipLogic “Live,” as it’s being called, brings an iphone-like interface and content from real-time sources like Facebook and  Twitter, wrapped up in a simple user-friendly, truly smartphone-like package.  The interface itself creates a BlackBerry-type environment, including a variety of apps, widgets, real-time notifications and integrated search bar.

Like all of its creations, HipLogic Live is made possible by keeping all the complexity running on a network instead of the device itself.  By doing so, even the most basic of devices can access and utilize the apps, with the only requirement being access to the Web.

HipLogic relies on a JavaScript virtual machine running in the cloud that aggregates info from network operators and the Web to create mash-ups for use on mobile devices.  The technology shows what’s possible with mobile Web-apps, and mirrors the shift we’re seeing in laptops when netbooks entered the picture.

With a more “Web-focused” aspect to computing these days, all the processing power is now handled in the cloud, lessening the need for powerful on-board hardware.  We’re seeing the same thing start to happen in mobile, where simple devices are made powerful when equipped with Web-apps.