Hipcricket Training Next Generation of Mobile Advertising, Marketing Pros

Hipcricket Training Next Generation of Mobile Advertising, Marketing ProsAccording to an announcement Tuesday from Hipcricket, employees of the prominent mobile advertising and marketing company are busy “training” the next generation of mobile advertising and marketing leaders at nationally recognized universities.

“We are investing in their and Hipcricket’s future,” said Doug Stovall, COO of Hipcricket. “These students are the next generation of marketing and advertising leaders. With the knowledge they learn from us, these students are ready to hit the ground running upon graduation. This in turn improves the caliber of candidates who can help Hipcricket grow, innovate, and maintain a market leadership position.”

Hipcricket employees are teaching students at University of Washington, New York University, and Fordham University the skills needed to develop and execute mobile and digital marketing and advertising campaigns.
Philippe Poutonnet, vice president of marketing, is on the advisory board and a guest speaker for the Certificate of Mobile Business Strategy at the University of Washington.

Guy Borgford, senior director of brand innovation, is also an instructor for the University of Washington certificate program.

Derek Wiggins, vice president of sales, teaches mobile advertising and marketing at both New York University and Fordham University.

“It’s a testament to Hipcricket’s talent pool that such prestigious universities selected our employees to teach their students,” Stovall adds. “To teach a discipline that is changing daily takes great knowledge and creativity. Philippe, Guy, and Derek are all dedicated to improving our industry with the highest level of service to their clients and students. I wish I had instructors with their level of expertise.”