HipCricket Touts Industry Leading Milestone

On Thursday, HipCricket announced that it has reached a lofty new milestone.

As of now, HipCricket has passed the industry-leading 175,000 campaign mark.

Hipcricket has enjoyed double-digit percentage growth in the number of campaigns processed each month since February 2005, with over 15 percent sequential quarterly growth over the past twenty fiscal quarters.

According to details presented in a well-deserved self-congratulating press release, Hipcricket has completed more than 25,000 campaigns to date in calendar year 2012.

“With increasing frequency, existing and new customers are turning to Hipcricket and to our patented technology for mobile advertising coupled with our unique post-click engagement that facilitates remarketing and additional monetization opportunities,” said Eric Harber, Chief Operating Officer of Hipcricket and Augme.

The company is outpacing its 2011 record performance, when its technology platform managed more than 61,000 campaigns, which represented a 76 percent increase relative to the 34,000 campaigns developed and executed in 2010.