Hipcricket Survey: 64% of Smartphone Owners Make Purchases from Mobile Ads

Our friends over at Hipcricket published an interesting survey recently that looked at the interest and participation consumers have for mobile advertising.

The survey found that 46 percent of smartphone owners have viewed a mobile ad, and 64 percent have completed at least one purchase as a result of mobile advertising.  However, a surprisingly high 74 percent replied that their favorite brands have not advertised to them on their mobile devices, representing “a significant missed opportunity for companies and their advertising agencies,” according to the company.

Survey results also revealed substantial interest and participation among the 25-34 year old demographic and consumers in higher income brackets.   The survey also found that in addition to consumers who have purchased a product or service in response to a mobile ad, 45 percent of respondents have referred a product or service to a friend as a direct result of mobile advertising.  “For years we have known that smartphone owners are very active on the mobile Web, presenting a powerful opportunity for brands to engage with them through relevant and highly targeted advertisements,” said Doug Stovall, Hipcricket Executive Vice President – Sales and Services. “This survey illustrates the compelling nature of mobile advertising, not only from a brand awareness standpoint, but as a powerful driver of sales transactions.”

Some other interesting findings have to do with overall engagement and ad context; with survey 58% of respondents saying they’re more likely to engage with brands if they include a reward, coupon or deal.  Further, 44% are willing to exchange personal information in return for a reward, coupon or deal — yet, to date, just 28% have done so.  For those who have yet to engage with a mobile ad, the reasons were varied — led primarily by context: 43 percent stated the ads weren’t relevant to their interests and 39 percent responded that “it did not appeal to me.”  For the full results, download the survey here.