Hipcricket Powers ISIS Mobile Programs to Promote Critical Health Services

Mobile marketing and advertising company Hipcricket has announced that it is powering mobile services for ISIS, Inc., a national nonprofit organization based in Oakland, CA, using technology for sexual health promotion and disease prevention.

The organization says it will tap Hipcricket’s HIP 7.0 platform – which powers more than 80,000 mobile marketing campaigns – to cultivate and manage its growing opt-in membership database, help send information and reminders, and to provide locations of free or low-cost clinics.

Organizers at ISIS, which was founded in 2001, are admittedly aware of the fact that most U.S. youth aged 14 to 24 have a mobile phone, regardless of race, ethnicity or socioeconomic status. Through its partnership with Hipcricket, ISIS is using the power of mobile to help at-risk youth and young adults gain knowledge and access resources.

“Technology is central to our mission at ISIS, and mobile is a natural choice to communicate with teens and young adults as usage is so widespread,” said Deb Levine, M.A., executive director and founder of ISIS. “Hipcricket has been a great partner, making managing our mobile services easy and helping us to build a reliable, trustworthy database through which to send important health-related information to our audience.”

“It’s important for an organization like ISIS to communicate with teens and young adults the same way they interact with each other,” said Doug Stovall, Hipcricket Senior Vice President of Sales and Client Services. “Mobile is a great medium for ISIS because it’s personal, confidential and permission-based. We’re proud to partner with a great organization with a great mission to help at-risk teens and young adults.”

Used to power more than 80,000 mobile marketing campaigns, the HIP platform is a one-stop shop for all brands’, agencies’ and other organizations’ mobile marketing needs; from messaging (SMS/MMS) to 2D/QR bar codes, and mobile coupons to mobile web applications and Hipcricket’s leading Mobile Advertising Network. Clients using the SaaS platform include MillerCoors, Macy’s, and Nestle, among others.