Hipcricket Partnership with Perrier for Mobile Marketing Promotion Proves Successful

On Thursday, Hipcricket announced its successful partnership with the sparkling water gurus at Perrier for a new mobile marketing promotion.

Hipcricket is providing the mobile components of Perrier’s latest Le Club Perrier promotion.

Hipcricket created mobile websites in both English and French, integrated QR codes, and employed interactive voice response (IVR) technology.

The Le Club Perrier summer campaign focused on a YouTube video that changed and evolved as the number of people who viewed it increased. Knowing that many consumers would view the campaign via mobile, Perrier turned to Hipcricket to deliver a mobile-optimized experience.

With assistance from Hipcricket, Perrier built both English and French mobile landing pages that emulated the YouTube experience on mobile devices.

“Consumers could join the party by scanning mobile QR codes or texting “PARTY” to 492837,” the company recapped in a press release Thursday. Perrier advertised the promotion at numerous retail locations where its beverages are sold.

“We wanted our Le Club campaign to tell a story — to be seamless, memorable and viral. To do that, we needed social media, and we needed mobile,” said Michele Vieira, Perrier Brand Manager. “The mobile interaction was critical and Hipcricket was able to help us develop the type of engaging experience consumers remembered and talked about.”

“This unique deployment for Perrier is a great example of how mobile marketing tactics can be combined and tailored to blend seamlessly into a company’s marketing strategy,” adds Eric Harber, Hipcricket Chief Operating Officer. “The campaign shows just the kind of creativity and forethought that will certainly pay off when it comes to attracting new consumers and cultivating loyal customers.”