Hipcricket in Driver’s Seat for Nissan’s National Hispanic Mobile Ad Campaign

Hipcricket announced Monday that it has teamed with Nissan and Team Ignition to power a national mobile advertising campaign.

Based on what we are told, the Spanish-language campaign relies on mobile banner ads, mobile video ads, rich media, plus tablet-specific ads to reach Hispanic audiences on their mobile devices. The Hispanic-targeted mobile advertising campaign was designed for Hipcricket’s auto, news, sports, beauty, fashion, lifestyle and social channels.

The call to action, of course, is to “drive” consumers to a custom built Nissan mobile web site.

Built by Hipcricket, the Nissan mobile website engages visitors with various car model-specific sub-sites. The sites include photos, videos and information about each car model to garner awareness, leads and brochure procurement. In addition to employing multiple mobile touchpoints, the campaign is also integrated with social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to maximize consumer engagement.

“By approaching the campaign holistically and integrating mobile websites, video and rich media into the Nissan campaign, Team Ignition and Hipcricket optimized the Nissan marketing initiatives with state of the art technology and world class account management,” says Doug Stovall, Executive Vice President of Sales and Services at Hipcricket. “Working together, these elements maximized performance via campaign optimization and post-click analytics ensuring optimal ROI. When these assets are combined with the extensive reach of Hipcricket’s mobile ad network, it creates winning campaigns.”