Hipcricket Hits New Mobile Marketing, Advertising Milestones

The team at Hipcricket has no shortage of reasons to celebrate. According to an announcement Tuesday from the self-proclaimed “one-stop mobile marketing and advertising brand” owned by Augme Technologies, Inc., Hipcricket has reached a lofty new milestone in our industry.

In addition to generating record sales, Hipcricket says it has now passed the industry-leading 150,000 campaign count, and recorded a 76 percent increase in campaigns in 2011 when compared with the previous year.

Among the myriad milestones Hipcricket is trumpeting this week are:

  • Hipcricket recorded more than 61,000 campaigns in 2011, 76 percent more than the 34,000 developed and executed in 2010
  • Hipcricket’s Mobile Advertising Solutions have been used by companies in 15 industries, with an emphasis on quick service restaurants (QSR), retail, travel, technology and consumer packaged goods (CPG)
  • Hipcricket expanded its relationships with a number of major brands including Nestle and the American Cancer Society

“2011 was quite a year for Hipcricket,” says Eric Harber, Chief Operating Officer of Hipcricket and Augme. “More and more, brands are seeking to align themselves with Hipcricket, a trusted mobile partner that provides best-of-breed mobile marketing and advertising products and services. Our growth is due in large part to our clients’ ability to leverage the experience that 150,000 campaigns bring, resulting in gains in sales, trial and brand loyalty.”