Hip Cricket To Team Up With Enticent

Let’s face it. The digital transformation of radio and television is on an unstoppable journey into the future. As a result, every radio and television station hoping to increase audience loyalty and compete for digital advertising dollars will have little choice but to embrace both mobile and loyalty marketing.

As a result, HipCricket today announced a partnership with Enticent, the makers of StickyFish, a popular points-based loyalty program for media companies. By bringing together industry-leading services, HipCricket and Enticent want to provide broadcast stations with a single point-registration process and the ability for their audiences to earn loyalty points from Enticent’s StickyFish platform when they interact with mobile services provided by HipCricket, which has delivered more than 17,000 successful mobile marketing campaigns for major brands and broadcast stations.

“Since day one, a key component of HipCricket’s mission has been delivering mobile marketing solutions to broadcasters that help them to better connect with their listeners while realizing valuable new revenue streams,” said Ivan Braiker, CEO of HipCricket. “Through this partnership with Enticent, we strengthen our offering with the addition of a proven loyalty element that is already delivering value to hundreds of broadcast companies. We look forward to working with the Enticent team to deliver a seamless and integrated solution with a single point of consumer registration.”

For more information, check out www.hipcricket.com.