Hi5 Practice Touts New Mobile Video Console

Chalk it up as yet another first in mobile.

Hi5 Practice has announced the launch of its new video production device, OLIVE.

Short for On Location Interactive Video Experience, OLIVE is the health care industry’s first remote access video device that includes a built-in high-definition video camera, microphone, speakers for two-way communication, lighting, and teleprompter into one portable recording device.

In short, we’re told that OLIVE allows clinicians to collaborate remotely with Hi5 Practice’s videography team, in real time, to create dynamic practice videos.

“The inspiration for developing OLIVE was to take the intimidation factor out of recording video,” said Kevin Barnett, CEO of Hi5 Practice and OLIVE inventor. “For most of our clients, the idea of getting in front of a camera and film crew is daunting. I wanted to create a new experience for them that not only makes them feel confident about video production, but gets them excited about creating personalized messages for their patients.”

To learn more about OLIVE, click here.