Hey Runners! Your Smartphone Really Needs to Meet This Smart Shoe Insert

Hey Runners Your Smartphone Really Needs to Meet This Smart Shoe InsertWhen the smartphone was first introduced it  caused a revolution in communication. Recently, Flexpoint Sensor Systems Inc., working with the team at Bend Tech LLC, launched a new shoe insole system, the Mettis Trainer, touted as the first “smart” shoe-centric tech that will provide wireless, real-time feedback to athletes as they train.

Performance metrics, including balance, speed and power, will be relayed through the new Bend Sensor technology developed by Flexpoint, technology that has been put into a pad that can be customized to the specific sizes of the athletes who are using them. In order to protect it from the inevitable dust, water, mud and sweat that many athletes encounter, the new pad/sensor is single layer-constructed.

These new smart shoe pads will have their own website as well, and Bend Tech believes that they will bring a new level of performance to athletes in training as well as help them to prevent injury. Delivery of this new product is scheduled for the first quarter of 2015.

“This is an important achievement for the company. We are glad to see the product available and well received. We look forward to helping transform the athletic shoe industry,” said Tony DeGreef, Managing Director of Bend Tech LLC.

Both Flex point Sensor Systems and Bend Tech believe that this new technology will transform the athletic shoe industry in the near future.

“We believe this is a pivotal moment for Flexpoint.  With the success of multiple commercialized products during 2015, we will cement our place as a leader in the flexible sensor industry,” adds Clark Mower, CEO of Flexpoint.