Hey, Mobile Marketers! Consumers Are Motivated by mCommerce in 2015

Hey, Mobile Markerters Consumers Are Motivated by mCommerce in 2015MMW was briefed at length this morning by the team at Shopular, which has just announced the findings of its 2015 Mobile Retail Outlook Survey, which takes a deep dive into consumers’ attitudes toward mobile browsing and buying and the retail experience for the New Year.

“In 2015 and beyond,” the team says, “it appears that consumers’ reliance on mobile influence and access to deals and savings offers while on the go will become increasingly prominent and play a strong role in the way Americans shop and buy.”

So what are the key findings from the survey that mobile marketers need to know?

•    More than 96% of consumers surveyed say they plan to tap their mobile smartphone in 2015 to scout out the best retail bargains.

•    According to respondents, nearly two-thirds surveyed indicated that the role of mobile is here to stay and that being able to shop with mobile assistance will permanently alter the way America shops.

•    The hot shopping categories for 2015:  Women are looking forward to being well-dressed in the New Year, with women’s clothing signaling an 85% market share, followed by children’s clothing (55%), men’s clothing (48%), housewares (40%), toys (23%), furniture (23%), and handheld electronics (22%).

•    And, coming off of a busy holiday buying season and getting ready for the fresh outlook of the New Year, more than three-quarters of respondents reported that they are bullish on the 2015 economy – giving it a personal “Thumbs Up”… a good indication for m-commerce overall and the American shopping pulse as the industry rings in January.

These are just some of the many interesting insights from Shopular, which can be reviewed in-depth on Shopular’s blog here.

“We anticipate that 2015 will be a banner growth year in terms of the impact of mobile influence on retail,” says Navneet Loiwal, Shopular’s CEO. “Americans are understanding that by researching retail sales offers via mobile in advance of, or even while they’re on, their shopping excursion, they can put measurable dollars back into their pockets.”