Here’s What’s New: Thinknear GeoVideo ‘Enables Mobile Performance’

Here's What's New Thinknear GeoVideo 'Enables Mobile Performance'Thinknear is rolling out something new — Thinknear GeoVideo, a mobile video advertising solution focused on enabling mobile video targeting and engagement for brands.

Thinknear GeoVideo is billed as being the first and only in-stream mobile video product featuring Thinknear’s full set of location-based mobile targeting capabilities.

“Mobile video has quickly become one of the most important endeavors for digital marketers. More and more video content is consumed on mobile devices but the challenge is reaching the right audience,” said Loren Hillberg, Thinknear’s president. “Coupling video with the unique targeting capabilities offered by location data, we can offer marketers the ability to deliver high-quality, VAST-compliant content to specifically targeted audiences at the right time.”

Overall, mobile video accounted for 55% of mobile data usage by the end of 2014, according to Cisco’s latest 2015 Mobile Forecast.

“Historically,” the company says, “location-based targeting within the mobile in-stream environment has been limited to IP-based ZIP code or designated market area (DMA) level targeting. Thinknear GeoVideo delivers more accurate and precise location targeting across all mobile in-stream inventory by making use of Thinknear’s Scored Geofencing, GeoAudience, and GeoBehavioral targeting products. Applying Thinknear’s industry-leading targeting capabilities to mobile video enables better performance for marketers and better experiences for users.”

To learn more, check out Thinknear here.