Here’s What’s Happening in Mobile Security

Here's What's Happening in Mobile SecurityHere are some of the top stories in mobile security that we’ve been following in recent days.

North American Bancard – a leading credit card processing and mobile payments solutions provider – is earning high praise in response to the efforts the company has taken this year to bolster consumer safety and fraud prevention. “The commitment is setting a new standard and raising the bar for everyone,” Ian Hayes, a tech industry analyst and blogger covering mobile payments security observes. “And it comes at a time when consumers have never been so concerned with identity theft and credit card fraud.”

The mobile credentials management company Jumio Inc. has launched Face Match, a new capability available within its Netverify identity verification platform. Face Match helps Jumio’s Netverify customers assess the extent to which a photo on an ID presented during a mobile or online transaction matches the customer’s actual face, the company said, which is meant to help businesses more effectively and easily identify customers and protect against fraudulent activity.

On Friday the iPhone 5s will be out on the street, and with it, Apple’s fingerprint scanning technology. There are still some concerns about how Apple is implementing and managing fingerprint authentication, but as long as the iPhone 5s doesn’t fumble completely, the new smartphone could finally spur mainstream adoption of the technology. As Apple revealed a couple of weeks ago, the home button on the new iPhone 5s is also a fingerprint scanner. Rather than using a passcode, you can now unlock the device just by holding your finger on the home button.