Here’s What’s Happening in Mobile

Here’s What’s Happening in MobileIn case you missed it, here are some of the top stories in mobile we’ve been following this week.

How do today’s marketers truly view their ability to harness and leverage big data to produce measurable results? Here’s your answer.

We all know that Android has been on a rampant growth spurt across the global smartphone landscape recently. But the latest numbers from IDC are jolting even the most bullish Android-watchers.

Despite the perpetually professed concerns from industry watchers that mobile RTB’s time hasn’t yet come, those who have taken a leap of faith and continue working toward the evolution of mobile RTB have much to show for it already. In fact, the only reason so many advertisers haven’t yet embraced mobile RTB is because the technology remains too convoluted and cumbersome. It has nothing to do with faith in the ultimate potential of mobile RTB.

Millennial Media confirmed to MMW on Thursday that the leading ad network has reached a new strategic partnership with Adsmovil, the principal mobile ad network in Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic markets. The deal extends Millennial Media’s media platform deep into South America, Central America and Mexico.

According to an announcement Tuesday from Hipcricket, employees of the prominent mobile advertising and marketing company are busy “training” the next generation of mobile advertising and marketing leaders at nationally recognized universities.

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