Here’s What Happened in Mobile Marketing This Week

Here’s What Happened in Mobile Marketing This WeekIn case you missed it, here are some of the top stories in mobile marketing and advertising we’ve been following this week.

Just How Effective Are Native Ads for Mobile Marketers?
Despite not getting much attention for the announcement, last month the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) announced the availability of two outstanding new resources to help brands and publishers measure and demonstrate the impact of mobile advertising.

Bigcommerce Hypes Availability of Pinterest Buyable Pins
Bigcommerce, a commerce platform for established and emerging businesses, has just announced that it has partnered with Pinterest to support Buyable Pins.

Solving the Cross-Channel Puzzle: Marketers Coming Up ‘Drastically Short’ Says New Study
“Orchestrating The Cross-Channel Experience: How Changes To Data And Measurement Foster Cross-Channel Success” is a new study with sour news for marketers.

Global Events with Global Audiences Require Local Approaches
While it’s not the Olympics, major world sporting tournaments like The Soccer World Cup connects nations from all over the world. No matter if fans are supporting the favourite or the underdog, getting behind their national team and the heroes donning the home jersey is emotionally consistent wherever you go.

Opera Mediaworks Seeks to Make In-App Video Viewability ‘Crystal Clear’
One of the world’s foremost ad networks is aiming to make in-app video viewability crystal clear

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