Here’s What Happened in Mobile Marketing This Week

Here’s What Happened in Mobile Marketing This WeekIn case you missed it, here are some of the top stories in mobile marketing and advertising we’ve been following this week.

SMS Is Today’s Trump Card in Customer Service Game
“This week, I received a text from my bank with my weekly balance. My driver texted me the location where he was parked. I booked plane tickets and got a text confirmation. And my doctor sent me a reminder so I wouldn’t forget my appointment the next day.”

Mobile Advertisers Snap Shut on Snapchat’s Asking Price
How much is too much for a short-lived ad on a social media site? Snapchat thinks it knows: $750,000 a day. But the photo (and now video) messaging site is experiencing some blowback from all but the most well-heeled advertisers.

Twitter Targeting Mobile Marketing in India
Make no mistake about it, Twitter is eager and ready to bring your marketing message to mobile screens across India. And that’s exactly why they’ve just acquired Zipdial, a company that lets people who lack an internet connection to still receive and view ads.

Advertising Firm Turn Will Now Turn Away from Using Controversial Verizon Mobile Tracking
Turn, the online advertising company that has been criticized for using a tracking method designed to serve targeted advertisements to Verizon mobile customers, is doing an about-face.

Why You Shouldn’t Count Out Tumblr Ads
“When Yahoo forked out $1 billion for Tumblr in the middle of 2013, many wondered whether the tech giant had got the wooden spoon in the race to acquire the rising social networks,” writes Felim McGrath in a recent post at GlobalWebIndex. “The year before, Facebook picked up Instagram, while Twitter got hold of Vine – two platforms that have enjoyed rapid growth and created considerable buzz. Meanwhile, GlobalWebIndex’s research shows that Tumblr is used by less than a tenth of internet users.”

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