Here’s a ‘Glympse’ at How Mobile Apps Are Driving Automobile Innovations

CES 2013 isn’t even underway yet and we’re already navigating the open floodgates of tech news regarding mobile apps and their increasing integration with the automobiles we drive.

On Monday, mobile tech company Glympse Inc. announced the first location-sharing app for Ford Motor Company’s SYNC in-car connectivity system.

What does that mean exactly? Here’s what Glympse and Ford tell us: Using the AppLink interface, drivers will be able to share their location with friends and family directly from their car using simple voice commands, eliminating the need to touch their mobile phone while driving.

“People typically share their location while in the car, and by integrating Glympse into Ford SYNC AppLink, we’re providing drivers with a rich, real-time and hands-free way to share where they are,” says Bryan Trussel, co-founder and CEO of Glympse.

To use Glympse, drivers need the app installed on an iOS or Android-based smartphone. The car automatically recognizes the app when the phone is Bluetooth-paired or USB-connected.

With Glympse activated, drivers simply need to press the SYNC voice button on the steering wheel and say, “Send Glympse.” Users can send a Glympse to a friend’s email or mobile number, or to Facebook and Twitter.

Pretty nifty, huh?

“At Glympse,” Trussel touts, “We’re dedicated to creating a more robust connected car experience, and working with Ford will help us to reach millions of consumers who will be able to just say, ‘Send a Glympse’ to share their current whereabouts, eliminating the need to send a text or make a phone call.”

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