Heads Roll at Zynga in Major Executive Shakeup

The folks at Zynga certainly aren’t playing games when it comes to working their way out of a precarious economic situation.

Following a disastrous second quarter earnings report, Zynga has determined that a significant shakeup is necessary.

According to details emerging in a new Reuters report, the game publisher is bucking Chief Operating Officer John Schappert as the one who oversees game development. Chief Mobile Officer David Ko and Executive Vice President of Games Steve Chiang now share that daunting task.

Both will now report directly to Chief Executive Mark Pincus.

“In order to unify our company around a multi-platform approach, we reorganized our teams in July to integrate web and mobile groups,” Zynga in a statement to the press not long after shares of Zynga hit $2.84 on Wednesday – down 72 percent from the company’s December IPO price.

“Our players expect their favorite games on every platform, and we want to unlock everyone in the company to continue moving quickly against the multi-platform opportunity,” Zynga said.

So… do you think Zygna can recover from this horrendous financial and PR freefall? Please weigh in with a thought or comment below.