HBO’s Not Bored to Death of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing provides infinite ways to creatively reach your audience, but the biggest hurdle in just how creative you can get may come from your audience not understanding how to interact with your campaign. From simple text messaging to code scans for special offers, opportunities to market via mobile are aplenty.

But where does the education happen that takes the average mobile phone owner to targeted marketing consumer in this interactive mobile marketing day of age?

HBO (Home Box Office / Time Warner) is on a mobile marketing education  kick in the city that never sleeps and is always on the go. This month, the company had teamed up with Modavox to run ads in New York taxi cabs teaching riders how to use their mobile phones to access information and video trailers for its original series Bored to Death.

“This campaign leverages the ubiquity of mobile phones with the rare opportunity for down-time in New York, enabling mobile consumers who are literally on the go to interact with the ad during their ride,” says Anthony Iacovone, Chief Innovation Officer of Modavox and Founder of Augme Mobile(TM).

HBO worked with Augme Mobile (owned by Modavox) through Details Magazine to augment the print advertising campaign by deploying the mobile marketing tactic through Clear Channel Communications Taxi Media presence in New York. The taxi cab ad instructs passengers to use their mobile phone to text “bored” to 87415 or use their camera phone to scan a unique 2D code to sign up for mailing lists and obtain access to special content about the New York-based show.