Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too: Content Marketing Can Augment Traditional Advertising

Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too Content Marketing Can Augment Traditional Advertising“Given its long-term value, content marketing is quickly taking over traditional advertising as the preferred medium to reach customers. With well-executed content marketing, you can educate customers on entire industries and help them make more informed decisions.”

So begins a column by John Hall recently posted at Forbes, which encourages marketers to recognize how valuable content marketing can be. Hall is the CEO of Influence & Co., a firm that helps brands build their influence in the marketplace.

Hall thinks many companies aren’t making it a priority because they fear abandoning the short-term gains from traditional ads if they push focus and devote dollars to content.

“But this shouldn’t be an either/or decision,” Hall emphasizes. “Companies can have their cake and eat it, too, by continuing their current advertising efforts (rather than leave them in the dust) to keep revenue flowing in the short term and build a content platform to support their brand in the long term.”

Hall says 92 percent of marketers are now using content marketing to a greater or lesser degree in addition to other advertising campaigns.

What are the benefits?

“Content marketing gives you greater reach,” Hall says. “With content marketing, you can use content to bolster your marketing efforts in several areas. Quality content strengthens SEO to help your website show up in Google search results, you can use your content in email marketing campaigns, and your sales team can use it to educate potential clients.”

Then, there’s overcoming barriers.

“You can overcome sales barriers,” Hall notes. “A recent study conducted by Contently found that about 54 percent of people don’t trust sponsored content. This is why introducing non-advertorial content into your marketing campaign is critical. Ignoring these facts will keep you from connecting with roughly half of your potential readers!”

Hall’s column also includes tips for getting started with content marketing.

The time to get cozy with content is now, says Hall.

“Right now, too many companies consider content marketing something that’s “nice to have” rather than something essential, but that’s all about to change,” he notes. “Content marketing will undoubtedly become a part of every successful company’s daily operations, but you need to start differentiating your brand now. The longer your company holds off, the harder it’s going to be to stand out in a crowded content landscape.

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