Have You Seen Project Joey Yet?

Project Joey No? Go check it out, Mashable covered it today with a 2:45 video and it’s an awesome view into standard web content converging into the mobile space with a simple click of the mouse. I’m jealous, Mashable gets the scoop on all the cool stuff.

Sign up takes about 20 seconds. I couldn’t go any further though because my phone, which is an LG CU500 is not listed amongst the supported handsets. I made a request into the Joey Support Forum to have my handset added. Hopefully, I’ll be Joey`ing some content real soon!

This is such a neato feature though, I can’t wait to try this out. Have you ever been in a pinch for time needing to quickly jot something down that’s on your computer screen? Well, once you install the Firefox addon and set up your Joey Account Joey will let you simply over-score web content and right-click to send that information to your mobile device. I can see myself using this several times a day and almost always right before I leave my office or house for things like reminders or daily hit lists.

You can get Joey here.