Have Mobile Ads Become Too Noisy?

While mobile ads are growing more precise in their targeting and relevance with each passing year, complaints of mobile ads becoming too noisy have grown quite commonplace.

LoopMe, a new company based out of the U.K., is pushing new technology that promises to reduce the noise of mobile ads in a most innovative way.

In short, LoopMe says it can collect all the ads targeted at you and present them inside of a veritable “ad inbox.”

But would advertisers stand to lose out big time with so many mobile users suddenly having their ads tossed into an inbox that may never be viewed? That’s exactly what Ingrid Lunden of Tech Crunch was wondering.

I must admit I was a little skeptical at the thought that people would click on a small box in order to be served many ads all at once. The idea seems to run counter to a lot of what you see these days on the Internet, where ads are made increasingly hard to avoid.

LoopMe CEO Stephen Upstone says the opposite is, in fact, true.

“Five to 10 percent of people who come into an app with our inboxes will go into that inbox,” he says. “And that’s been pretty consistent.”

And what they get when they go into the box is often a selection of offers, but with the officers all consolidated into a single screen, this appears to perform better than individual banners, he notes.

“Once you are in our inbox, response rates are 10 times better than straight banner ads,” Upstone claims.

So could it be true that a reduction of “noise” in mobile ads could be beneficial to both consumers and advertisers in the long run? Something tells me that we haven’t heard the last of this discussion. Do you think Loop has discovered something remarkable about mobile advertising?