Has the Time Come for Touting Apps on the Telly?

Touting Apps on the Telly Quaid Media Wants to Promote App Sales on TelevisionIs TV a good place to market apps?

Quaid Media thinks so. The firm, experienced in app advertising, just launched “Burst TV.” It’s an “all-in-one service that brings together the creative production of TV ads, media planning and buying, and proven tactics from the world of mobile user acquisition to create the first TV advertising package that’s specifically designed to drive up app installs.”

That “burst” in the gambit’s moniker is there for a reason.

“In the same way that app developers have found that the best way to drive installs is to create a focused ‘burst’ of marketing and advertising to drive apps up the charts, Burst TV campaigns are concentrated over 1-3 days, the duration which Quaid Media has found to deliver the best possible boost to app installs,” according to an announcement from the company. “Depending on the specific consumer profile, the ads are shown on channels and at times designed to reach the app’s ideal demographic, and includes channels like ABC Family, MTV, More 4, ITV2, SyFY, SkyTV, and Adult Swim, (among others).”

Quaid is said to be ready to develop all campaigns in-house, whether for a single national campaign to bursts that go global. On the other hand, advertisers can also use their or team up with Quaid Media’s in-house creative and production teams.

“With the cost of mobile advertising rocketing as the developers with the deepest pockets bid against each other for installs, TV offers a really cost-effective medium,” noted Josh Rinsky, VP of Business Development at Quaid Media. “(It has) shown time and again how effective it is at reaching and engaging consumers, and we expect to see many more developers turning to TV to expand their marketing campaigns.”

The company feels so strongly in the potential it has even created “Burst Premium,” which offers prized weekend and holiday advertising slots with large audience reach and higher cost barriers.